Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Premonition
Date: 1991-04-25, 12:56

In article <> (Scott Johnson)
> >I noticed something while re-watching 2017 (the first one after the
> >hiatus).  In the recap for Diane that occurs before the opening, Cooper says:
> >
> >"Meanwhile, I find myself suffused with a vague sense of contentment,
> >a premonition of happiness.  I hope I will be ready when it comes."
> >
> >During this, they show the exact same scene in 2019 with Annie and
> >Cooper in the boat on the lake, then zoom in starting with Annie's
> >hand in the water, with the ducks swimming around, panning up towards
> >her face but stopping before they show her.
> >
> >I don't know if this means anything that we don't already know except
> >that they definitely film at least three shows in advance.
> >
> >sj
> >

Thanks for tracking this down. I was sure that I had seen that image before,
but didn't know which episode. I have had the same deju vu feeling about some
other images though examples escape me at this time.  I'm not talking about the
obvious ones like the ceiling fan and the horse. They are less dramatic.

Speaking of the ceiling fan, I flashed back to it during the scene in the attic
where Donna is checking out her birth certificate. There was a fan in the
background.  Doesn't bode well for Donna, does it.  She dodged a bullet with
Leland, but maybe BOB will get her after all.