Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Questions...
From: lazer@lablues.UUCP (Patrick Delahanty)
Date: 1991-04-25, 19:03

drjamez@lablues.UUCP (James Hussiere) writes:
> > Hi.  I have a question...
> >
> > (Or two....)
> >
> > When will we know DEFINATELY if Twin Peaks is cancelled (or picked up) by
> > ABC?
> >
> > From my understanding (a la USA Today, et al), TP will most likely be placed
> > into first run syndication (like Star Trek: The Next Generation) should ABC
> > make the moronic mistake of cancelling TP.  (Or possibily a basic cable
> > station will pick it up like USA Network or LifeTime.)
Sounds like LifeTime may be the Life Line of TP!  :)
You'll know DEFINATELY when someone finally stops giving the press the run
around.  No one is ever specific with them!
-Lazer (the Quantum Leap fan from Maine)