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Subject: Re: TP on PBS (was Re: TP: 4/11 episode: Maybe it is time....)
From: long-morrow@CS.Yale.EDU (H. Morrow Long)
Date: 1991-04-25, 11:54

In article , jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer) writes:
|> In article <> keb3@po.CWRU.Edu (Keith E. Bitely) writes:
|> >
|> >I would hope that if another network picks it up, that at least it is a
|> >network like FOX or PBS, for I don't have cable, and it would kill me
|> >to know that Twin Peaks was being shown and I couldn't see it!
|> You think you've got problems?  I *have* cable, and don't get a single FOX
|> channel!  I asked the local cable company about it a long time ago, and
|> they said that they tried but couldn't get a clear signal.  Hell, I'd take
|> any signal at all, especially if it was Peaks!	Maybe if I got all 30000 of
|> our hypothetical readers to write to them...

Can you say Direct Broadcast Satellite?  For only a few thousand (and a good
siting for a dish) I'll bet you could get Fox and quite a few other channels
as well (I'm don't know whether or not there is a Fox net feed or super-station
available and whether you would have to pay a monthly charge to descramble the
signal - post a message in if you are interested).  There
are some technical details to be concerned with (such as which satellites are
available to you in your part of the country, and on which bands - C, Ku, etc.
But if Cicely, Alaska (Northern Exposure) could receive network satellite feeds 
then most anyplace in the continental US shouldn't have to worry, right :-)

In the near future many alternatives to traditional broadcasting and cable will
ooze into the marketplace (including much less expensive direct broadcast
satellite methods) to pose challenges to both cable companies and traditional
broadcasters.  Maybe a healthy dose of competition is what your cable co.

						- Morrow

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