Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: something I'd like to see June 10th
From: duane@thismoment.EBay.Sun.COM (Duane Day)
Date: 1991-04-25, 16:54

April 18th spoilers included below...


I want to see Laura Palmer come through the White Lodge portal which
corresponds to the Black Lodge portal BOB apparently came through.
I then want to see her confront and ultimately destroy BOB.  (Cooper
could be injured from the struggle during which he defeats Windom,
only to find himself apparently helpless in front of BOB, to be
saved at the last minute by Laura.  Homecoming queen _ex machina_.)

Once Laura's finished with BOB, *then* she can win Miss Twin Peaks.  

Or maybe just *wake up*, having confronted and defeated her abuser in
the dream world, and prepared to confront and defeat her real world
abuser, too.  Perhaps with the assistance of a newcomer to the town
with whom she seems to share a bond for no known reason - one Dale

Not that I think any of this will come to pass, mind you, but the
"Laura kills BOB" part especially would be great.  If the ending
turns out to be one of those "it was all a dream" things, it would
be great if the dream turned out to be Laura's rather than Cooper's
(as some people have expected.)  OR, remember that Laura and Cooper have
had the same dream once already (in _The Secret Diary_, Laura describes
having the same dream which Cooper has at the end of 1002.)  Perhaps
*the entire series* is such a shared dream, and the beautiful woman
for whom Cooper has a genuine affection and to whom he finally gets
to make love will be Laura.

This ending has the advantage of bringing back not only Sheryl Lee
but also, perhaps, Ray Wise and even Grace Zabriskie.  It has the
disadvantage of rendering any future "Twin Peaks" projects somewhat

(Speaking of Grace - if Laura doesn't destroy BOB, how about Sarah?)

Ah well, six weeks four days and counting...