Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Jayembee's Dugpas [by request]
Date: 1991-04-26, 10:04

It turns out that Dugpas are not just an invention of fantasy writer, Talbot
Mundy's imagination. According to Christmas Humphrey's "Buddhism" (you people
who are tired of Buddhism can tune out if you like), the Dugpas are a
degenerate sect of Tibetan Buddhism that practiced black magic.

Here is a quote from the chapter on Tibetan Bhuddism, "History of Lamaism"
section (p. 190 in the Pelican paperback version). I omit the umlaut over the o
in Bon. 

"Before the seventh century, the sole religion of Tibet was the Bon... These
Bonpas, however, must not be confused with Dugpas, who are members of the Dugpa
sect [of Tibetan Buddhism], founded in upper Tibet in the twelfth century by a
spirtual descendant of Milarepa. The sect being 'Red-hats', as distinct from
the 'Yellow-hats' of the later Reformation, and, having degenerated into Bon
practices, have come to be synonymous with Bonpas, and black magicians."

I don't believe that all Red-hats are Dugpas, however, just the ones who
practice black magic. The Dalai Lama is spiritual head of the Yellow-hats.

By the way, I checked my tape of 2001 and Coop does state that he has never
been to Tibet when telling Diane what he regrets while lying on the floor.  It
is clear from the recent "Autobiography' that Dale disappeared on some kind of 
quest for three years, and it seems likely he went to the far east, but
apparently not to Tibet.  He does mention reading a book by a Tibetan monk
named Gumm.

-Rich Haller