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Subject: Re: SPOILERS - 4/24
Date: 1991-04-26, 14:46

   In article <> (J Columbus Johnson II) asks...

> >In article <> (William K Glunt) writes:

>> >> I almost turned the set off before I noticed the narrator was Gordon Cole.

> >Do you mean to say that they actually _did_ run an episode last night!?

   Well, yes and no.  They didn't exactly run a Twin Peaks episode, but
a show called "Crimes of the Century."  As the above poster stated, it
was narrated by Gordon Cole (aka David Lynch).  It really didn't deal with
those oh-so-beloved TP characters, but did fill in a lot of interesting
background information using F.B.I case files.

   There were three major crimes discussed:

1) The Theresa Banks Thrill-Kill Murder.  This was kind of eerie.  They
   treated the murder of Theresa Banks in much the same manner as the
   movie "Helter Skelter" treated the Manson case.

2) The Great Pittsburgh FBI Scandal.  Kind of disappointing.  It was 
   of neat to finally meet Dianne and Caroline, but the plotting was 
   plodding, and the reason that Windom killed his wife seemed implausible,

3) The Fantastic Fission Caper.  Brrrrrrrr.  The idea of a Hong Kong
   business man with ties to the Yakuza getting hold of a rectangular
   block of weapons grade plutonium was frightening.  The final scene
   where they stated that the F.B.I. still had no idea where the 
   plutonium is currently located was especially chilling especially
   with that Lynchian/Frostian final closeup of the TP sign zooming in
   on that mushroom right in front of it.

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