Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP cancelled in the UK!
From: (Richard Hancock)
Date: 1991-04-26, 07:37

/ / (Dave Allum) /  8:13 am  Apr 19, 1991 /

>> >>The BBC have cancelled Twin-Peaks in the UK.  In its place they're planning
>> >>to show, of all things, SNOOKER!

> >Calm down. TP is being pre-empted by the snooker for the next two weeks and
> >will return on May 7th. It annoys me too but the return date was clearly
> >announced at the end of the last episode. 

See, COOPER (COOP, English Reserve) did it's job and cajoled the BBC into
returning TP to our screens.

Now, if only we could convince Channel 4 to make another series of Vic Reeves
Big Night Out.