Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Two thoughts....
From: (Frank Steele)
Date: 1991-04-26, 16:49

There's at least one possible link no one has mentioned --

How did Nadine gain her incredible strength? When she tried to kill herself.

Who else has tried to kill herself?


I think we may find that Annie is not as weak and innocent as she seems. The
whole thread about Coop/damsels-in-distress seems to engender the same 
conclusion: Coop can only be happy with a woman who doesn't NEED his protection,
for the simple reason that the women who need his protection all get killed.

Another support for the BOB/Pete thread might just be Pete seeing Josie. After
all, BOB's host must accept him, and Josie's death gives Pete a reason to wish
for power over the supernatural.

I hope that Nadine wins Miss TP, because the idea of WE and Leo trying to kill
her strikes me as the germ of some very potent slapstick.