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Subject: Cathy's House (was Re:(theory on animal heads on walls))
From: dfl@panix.uucp (Danny Lieberman)
Date: 1991-04-27, 01:36

In article writes:
)I suppose spirits could move into the animal heads that are already
)stuffed, as Josie's spirit seems to have moved into the drawer knob.
)It certainly was an intriguing image for the camera to focus on at
)that point, giving the viewer something ELSE to wonder about besides
)"What's that metallic thing?"  I'm trying to think of any particular
)symbolism traditionally attached to goats that might explain the shot
)as a way of underscoring some attribute of Catherine and Andrew that
)was being expressed (their greed, primarily, although I think that goats
)were actually symbols of rampant sexuality).  I guess we'll just have
)to wait and see if it comes up again later...
)Barb Miller

 It's interesting concept, cause Catherine has until now been portrayed 
as a basically EVIL character, similar to BENJAMIN who has been transformed
into GOOD, and natcherly Catherines husband PETE has been GOOD all along,
not to mention a good chess player (in the script at any rate).  So are
the trophyies on the wall Petes, Andrews, or Catherines?  I suspect that
they are Andrews, as he is the evilest one in the house... isn't he?
Eckhardts ex-partner, back from the DEAD... [what a long strange trip it's
Andrew spent the year off dead for tax purposes at PEARL LAKE, didn't he?

I wonder if he hung out at the White Lodge or the Black Lodge...!
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