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Subject: Re: TP Quotes
From: (Chuck Kincaid)
Date: 1991-04-27, 07:48

In article <>, keb3@po.CWRU.Edu (Keith E. Bitely) writes:
|> Out of curiosity, I was just wondering if there was any particular order
|> that the list of quotes are arranged in.
|> Keith
|> -- 
|> "I sat very that the rat couldn't get to my foot.  I couldn't stop
|> thinking of how awful it was going to feel when it closed its jaws around my
|> ankle and bit down...And so...because I knew all he wanted was my foot, _I bit
|> my foot off myself_."  From _The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer_ (Jennifer Lynch)

	Very good question, Keith.  I would be remiss if I gave a positive answer, though.  There might be significance to the order of the quotes presented, they might be done that way simply for the asthetic effect or they might be done entirely at random (I am a statistician, you know  :-).  Please feel free to speculate on this idea and offer suggestions to the net.  I believe that the upcoming book "My Quotes, My Life" might shed some small light.  
	Of course, an in depth discussion of this topic should include thoughts on which lines were quoted as well as which ones were conspicuously absent.  As a holistic statistician I believe in the interconnectedness of all things.  In some unknown way a butterfly flapping its wings in the movie Brazil will affect the
quotes that are used.  On the other hand, when my wife beats me and when she doesn't is well known but has no affect on the choice of quotes at all!  Or does it?  Hmmmm....
	Well, as before, feel free to spend large amounts of time thinking about this important matter.  After all, from a holistic view the order of the quotes will have some affect on your daily life.  (Are you married?  Does your wife beat you?  Maybe it's a conspiracy?


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