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Subject: RS: Miss Twin Peaks theory for Fiona Oceanstar
Date: 1991-04-27, 16:15

After a lot of comtemplation regarding who will become Miss Twin Peaks, I
have come to a prediction.

The winner will be... Laura Palmer!  I have several reasons for this choice:

    1) A couple of months ago, when the COOP parties were going on, someone
posted that they had talked to Michael Horse, who plays Hawk.  This person
posted that the only detail Mr. Horse would reveal about upcoming episodes 
was: (paraphrased) "You won't believe who wins the Miss Twin Peaks pageant!"
Now, with all the other recent, intensely important happenings going on in
the Twin Peaks world, I don't think he would have chosen this particular
plot to comment on unless it was going to be a very surprising, important
event.  Of the girls currently in the contest: Donna, Shelley, Lana, Lucy,
Audrey (maybe), and Nadine, none of them really fit Mr. Horse's above comment.
Nadine, possibly, since she'd certainly be an unexpected winner, but Laura
would be an even more amazing, bizarrely Lynchian twist.
    2) There must be SOME reason why Laura's picture (as a homecoming
*QUEEN*) is still shown at the end of each episode.
    3) Just a strong hunch.

I don't know exactly how this would come about.  Maybe the girls in the
contest will start thinking about Laura and decide that she should have
the title as a way of honoring and commemorating this formerly beloved
citizen of the Twin Peaks community.  Or maybe she will physically reappear,
with help from the White Lodge.  Whichever way this comes about, I think
Laura being chosen as the winner will foil Earle's plans, thereby finally
redeeming Laura's soul (something she was always trying, but never able,
to do while she was alive.)

I have always had a feeling (and a hope) that the some of the more important
deceased citizens of Twin Peaks would make an encore appearance in the
final show.  Then again, hopefully this won't be the final show.


(God, I hate having a newsfeed that stays 3 days behind!) 

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