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Subject: Re: Is Bob giving CPR?
From: lazer@lablues.UUCP (Patrick Delahanty)
Date: 1991-04-28, 14:29

ez002797@pollux writes:
> > BTW, my last posting was not meant to be SIGNED Earl of Windom,
> > That was a note to myself in vi to ask if there was a place
> > named Windom which might have an Earl.  That would leave the
> > perfect anagram "Owl in dream"  Windom, Earl.  As in Horne, Esq.
> > Just another reaching thought.
> >
> > I know there are two cities named Windom in New England, but
> > they're not likely to have Earls in Maine.
> >
> > Michael
I live in the "beautiful" city of Lewiston, Maine.  There is most certainly
no town of Windom.  There is however a town of Wisdom, and a town of Windam. Windom...but I suppose you could take a northern township and
get a bunch of your friends (yeah...both) and start one.  :)
Maine...VACATIONLAND!  (And home of Cabot Cove and Jessica Fletcher)
                                    ^^^^^^^^^^ Not really...
-Lazer (co-sysop L/A Blues BBS (207) 777-3465)