Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: RS... My thoughts on next episode (the Save Audrey Horne campaign!)
From: tjet@upas.IFA.Hawaii.Edu (Tjet Sun)
Date: 1991-04-28, 12:07

In article <>, (Stephen
Joseph Smith) writes:
> > The hand-shaking was, as speculated, BOB's attempt to enter hosts.  The woman
> > in the diner resisted.  Coop resisted, of course.  The last hand to shake
> > was... Pete Martell's!
> > 
> > BOB is now in Pete! and Tawdry Audrey is with him!  Alone!  At Pearl Lakes,
> > Center of Evil!  Now he can REALLY say... "She's dead.  Wrapped in plastic."

[wonderful theory deleted]

  But BOB doesn't need a host now.  Didn't he just step into the REAL world
  at the end of the last episode?