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Subject: Re: The Mar-T/Double R Cafe
From: (Scott L. Vandenberg)
Date: 1991-04-28, 13:59

In article <>, (R o d Johnson) writes:

|> Anyway, she says that North Bend's main claim to fame used to be this:
|> there was one traffic light in the whole town, and it sat squarely on
|> the main highway through town, which was coincidentally a non-limited
|> access section of I-90.  It was, in fact, the only stoplight on I-90
|> between the east and west coasts, and the government used to beg and
|> plead with North Bend to remove it.  North Bend refused, and the Feds
|> finally built a bypass.  My student said that this stoplight was quite
|> celebrated, known for fifty miles around as a pain in the ass.
|> To me, this story gives a certain resonance to the the shots of the
|> stoplight in TP.  Is this *the* stoplight, famed bane of truckers
|> coast-to-coast?  Does anyone know if this story is true?

I've driven I-90 West from Wisconsin to its end in Seattle (I did this
about 1.5 years ago), and there was a stoplight in Idaho.  I forget the 
name of the town, but an enormous bypass was under construction (and may
still be, so the light may still be there).  

So the stoplight in North Bend story may be true, but the part about it
being the only stoplight on I-90 is absolutely wrong.

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