Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Dr. Demento to premeire 'Give Peaks A Chance'!!!
From: (Robert D. can call me The Bob)
Date: 1991-04-29, 19:18

Just letting all the Peakers around the world know that the 
Dr. Demento Radio Show will play "Give Peaks A Chance" on this weeks 
show and next.

Please listen and support the show!!!!!  We can still save this thing!
Also...listen for how to request the song....we want it played over and


The song is performed by DJ Glazed Donut and the Knotted Cherry Stems...that's 
our is the list of all the particulars:

'Give Peaks a Chance'

Lyrics by Bob Cappel
Music by Lennon/McCartney
Produced by Alicia Healey, Bob Cappel and Pat McCall for 
    FailSafe Productions, Iowa City, IA
Engineered by Pat McCall
Performed by: Alicia Healey, Bryant Durrell, Erin Jacobs, Bob Cappel, Tasha
              Robinson, Joan Bender and Louie Neibur

'Give Peaks a Chance'...the video

Produced by Alicia Healey for 
    FailSafe Productions, Iowa City, IA

Information on obtaining copies of the above can be directed to 
c/o Bob Cappel
Box 1871
Iowa City, IA  52244
call: 319-337-4856

Or email to

Thanks ALL!
Robert D. Cappel, Iowa City,IA  ||"You remind me today of a small
aka "BOB", eager for fun!       ||       mexican chihuahua...."     ||               Deputy Bureau Chief     ||               Gordon Cole