Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: European version of TP pilot
Date: 1991-04-29, 09:31

 I watched the European version of the Twin Peaks pilot the other night,
the one where they solve the murder at the end of the movie. In this version,
Mrs. Palmer remembers looking through Laura's bedroom the morning she
was discovered missing, and we see a shot showing almost the whole room,
with Laura's bed on the left side. In both versions, this scene was
first shown within about the first 15 minutes. In the European version, then,
as Mrs. Palmer flashes back to this scene, she sees BOB at the foot of Laura's
bed. He's very hard to see, because he's in the shadows. Now, I don't have
the first 15 minutes of the American pilot, so I was wondering if someone
could go back and look at this scene (in the American version) and see if there
is any sign of BOB at the foot of Laura's bed, or if looks like something
has been airbrushed out. I think they used the same footage in both versions
for the first couple of hours or so.

   Someone not too long ago posted about having deciphered the Morse code
message at the end of the last episode shown. Well, in the pilot during
the scene where Coop and Harry are examining Laura's body in the morgue, the
lights starting going on and off. I wonder if this person who knows Morse
code could go back and look at this scene and see if there's any hidden
message there.

   In the pilot, there's a scene where Coop is addressing the townspeople
in some public hall. Well, Mayor Millford is there, and when Coop asks
him to speak, he goes up to the mike, taps it, and says "Is this thing
working?", just like he did in the last episode shown, just before the
Giant shows up with his incomplete pass antics!

    Other people have already mentioned this, but the night Laura died,
she was riding around with James on his bike, and she jumped off at
the corner of something and Sparkwood! Another reference, or maybe the first,
to the fire and wood theme.

Jeff Kouba
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Iowa