Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: BOB
From: (Scott Johnson)
Date: 1991-04-29, 10:35

In <> writes:

#I think that Killer BOB is still alive and that he just spent time in the black
#lodge to become all powerful.  It seems to me that the last time Jupiter and
#Saturn aligned, maybe sometime during Leland's childhood, Bob entered the black
#lodge.  While in the lodge he learned all its secrets and gained many powers.
#From the black lodge he could send his spiritual essence out to possess other
#people. Now that Jupiter and Saturn have once again aligned, the doorway is
#again open, so that BOB can get out to create mischief in Twin Peaks personally
# Since time has no meaning in the black lodge, he has not really aged, and he
#is the same age he was upon entering the lodge, only now he has much more power
#Undoubtedly, he will seek out Windom Earle. Why? Could be he would like to have
#an apprentice, a partner, or needs a replacement. Or it could be that "That
#town ain't beeg enough for the both of 'em."
#                                            Ted

I think of it as the opposite.  Bob has been out of the Black Lodge for 20 years
and has been inhabiting people.  He, like other Black Lodge folks has been
using the Owls as interim hosts while looking for new hosts.

Could be either way.  Neither answers all the questions, but maybe June 10 will.


PS  I doubt Bob will seek out WE.  If anything, it seems to be the other way