Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Jupiter and Saturn and Twin Peaks
From: (Barb Miller)
Date: 1991-04-29, 19:57

In article <> (Julie Lim) writes:

> > Maybe the reference to "Jupiter and Saturn meeting" doesn't have
> > anything to do with a conjunction at all. The two constellations
> > respectively associated with those two planets, Sagittarius and
> > Capricorn, are sequential--
> >   maybe the "meeting" relates to the date that's the node between them?
> >	   But then, it isn't the right time of year for that within the show, 
> >   is it?

No, but it does give some possible meaning to that goat head on the
wall behind Andrew and Catherine as they fought over the contents of
the box, Capricorn being a goat and Sagittarius an archer (I
had wondered why WE had that thing about arrows).  Now how a meeting
of the Packard/Eckhardt party and Windom Earle relates to the
Apocalypse is not immediately obvious to me, but maybe there's
something there.