Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: UK Broadcasting Standards Council critical of TP
Date: 1991-04-29, 22:39

In article <>, (Alan Murta) writes: 
> > Here in the UK, the newly created Broadcasting Standards Council has just
> > upheld its first complaint -- regarding an episode of Twin Peaks. Eight
> > viewers (out of an audience of somewhere near 3.5 million, I think) complained
> > that the scene showing the murder of Maddie Ferguson by Leland/BOB was
> > unsuitable for public viewing. The Broadcasting Standards Council agreed.
> > 

Ithaca Journal, (Ithaca, New York)  27 April 1991   page 1
[copied without permission]

'Twin Peaks' scene denounced in Britain
LONDON (AP) - Britain's broadcasting watchdog agency has
decided that "Twin Peaks," the cult soap opera, is in
bad taste.

A murder on the surrealistic crime thriller went "beyond
all acceptable limits," the Broadcasting Standards Council
said Thursday in its first such finding since it was 
created in January.

The offending scene was in an episode in which anti-heroine
Laura Palmer's murderer was disclosed.  Palmer's cousin
suffered several violent blows to her face and was hurled
against a framed picture by the killer, who then slashed 
her face until it streamed with blood.

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