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Subject: Re: European version of TP pilot
From: (Alan W Black)
Date: 1991-04-30, 09:40

In article <> writes:
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> > I watched the European version of the Twin Peaks pilot the other
> > night, the one where they solve the murder at the end of the movie. In
> > this version, Mrs. Palmer remembers looking through Laura's bedroom
> > the morning she was discovered missing, and we see a shot showing
> > almost the whole room, with Laura's bed on the left side. In both
> > versions, this scene was first shown within about the first 15
> > minutes. In the European version, then, as Mrs. Palmer flashes back to
> > this scene, she sees BOB at the foot of Laura's bed. He's very hard to
> > see, because he's in the shadows. Now, I don't have the first 15
> > minutes of the American pilot, so I was wondering if someone could go
> > back and look at this scene (in the American version) and see if there
> > is any sign of BOB at the foot of Laura's bed, or if looks like
> > something has been airbrushed out. I think they used the same footage
> > in both versions for the first couple of hours or so.

Note that the "European version of the Twin Peaks pilot" is a
little confusing.  There is a 2 hour video which is contains about
90 minutes taken from the actual Twin Peaks pilot episode (which was
shown at the start of Twin Peaks in the uk last year).  The last 
30 minutes or so of the video is different from the actual episodes
but does borrow some scenes (and puts them in different contexts).
As far as we can tell we get the *same* (in the UK) episodes as the US
gets (we have some vidoes from the US as well as the UK ones) except
the US gets a "next week in Twin Peaks" section at the end 
while we get a "last week in Twin Peaks" at the start.

The scene where Sarah Palmer sees BOB at the foot of the Laura's
bed is later in the video and although the same scene appears at the
start I couldn't see BOB in the earlier scene.  He is obvious in
the later scene but not (to me even with freeze frame) in the 
earlier one.  I assumed that his faced was superimposed on the scene
later and that the actual pilot version doesn't have him at the
start (though I didn't go back and look).


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