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Subject: Re: Is Bob giving CPR?
From: ez002797@pollux
Date: 1991-04-30, 17:02
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In article  lazer@lablues.UUCP writes:
> >ez002797@pollux writes:
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>> >> perfect anagram "Owl in dream"  Windom, Earl.  As in Horne, Esq.
>> >> Michael
> > 
> >Maine...VACATIONLAND!  (And home of Cabot Cove and Jessica Fletcher)

Ah, Lazer now you're getting somewhere.  Cabot Cove is an anagram for
"To Cob Cave"  And since we know that a cob is a male swan, and swans
could be the white lodge counterpart to owls...

> >-Lazer (co-sysop L/A Blues BBS (207) 777-3465)