Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Pete at the GN
From: (David Kosenko)
Date: 1991-04-30, 15:05

In article <> (Jim Stafford) writes:
> >In article <> writes:
> >->
> >->I have just one question:
> >->
> >->	WHY was Pete at the Great Northern? He appeared to be just aimlessly
> >->wandering around the lobby and musing about Josie. 
> >->
> >->Isn't he supposedly the manager of the mill? Shouldn't he be doing sonething?
> >
> >To paraphase B.B. King, "The Mill is Gone".  Where you been!?

To paraphrase John Gorka, "B.B. King was wrong, the Mill it isn't gone.
The Mill it is here, it is now, it is strong."  Then again, in the liner
notes he points out that "B.B. King was right.  This song is wrong."

To find out what Pete is up to, give a listen to the Eagles' hit
"After the Mill is Gone".

Dave (who can be as silly as the next person) K.
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