Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: UK Broadcasting standards Council...
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-04-30, 21:00

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			Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: UK Broadcasting Standards Council critical of TP
[junk on a few deranged Brits' opinions of what is fit to view deleted...]

> >The offending scene was in an episode in which anti-heroine
> >Laura Palmer's murderer was disclosed.  Palmer's cousin
> >suffered several violent blows to her face and was hurled
> >against a framed picture by the killer, who then slashed 
> >her face until it streamed with blood.

	I guess _Blue Velvet_ is out of the question then eh?

	This is yet another example of inaccurate criticism of Twin Peaks.
Maybe someday, someone in the media who has actually WATCHED the show will 
write something about TP.
	If you recall _the Economist_ article (from around Dec/Jan I think?)
on Twin Peaks, criticism was also drawn to things about the show that
were not true.  The author also commented on the inappropriateness of
selling copies of "Laura's secret cassette tapes."  (I, for one, would
like to get hold of these tapes.)
	It is interesting to note that _the Economist_ is also a 
*British* publication (I think).  Hmmm, ...

Rocky Giovinazzo

P.S.  If a British company picks up TP for us, I suspect that it
won't be what we're used to (better than nothing of course).  Maybe
it will become tame enough for an 8pm time slot and soar in the
ratings! (yeah, right)