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Subject: Re: "If Jupiter and Saturn meet..." quote is from Yeats
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1991-05-02, 09:44

In article (Muffy Barkocy) writes:
> >In article <52299@apple.Apple.COM> larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger) writes:
> >
> >   "The sword's a cross; thereon He died:
> >    On breast of Mars the Goddess sighed."
> >
> >I believe there was one myth, the details of which I forget, in which
> >Venus, who was married to Vulcan, was having an affair with Mars.  All I
> >remember is something about how Vulcan thought of some trick for
> >catching them.
> >                                                  Muffy
I flashed on that myth, too.

Modern astrologers (perhaps not as deep as Yates) see the conjunction of
Mars and Venus as simply a symbol of sexual intercourse.
But this is disturbing and worrisome because Mars is also a symbol of
war. The myth implies that masculinity and warlike behaviour are
synonymous and that Venus is in collusion with Mars  to promote war.
I worry about the strength of this myth when I see picture of Marilyn
Monroe entertaining the troops in WW2.   
The belief that women love a man in uniform is deep and pernicious.
Anyway, the story is that Venus was married to Mercury/Hepheastus, the
lame smith.  However, she was carrying on with Mars behind his back.
So to catch and humiliate her, Hephaestus, who was very crafty with his
hands, fashioned a net to fall upon Mars and Venus when they were in bed
together.  The trick worked and the adulterous god and goddess were
were bare-assed front of all the other Olympians. Mars was enraged
and Venus just went home to sulk and console herself with a lot of new clothes 
and make up.
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