Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Dr. Demento to premeire 'Give Peaks A Chance'!!!
From: (Jennifer Mosley)
Date: 1991-05-02, 19:50

In article <> (Robert D. can call me The Bob) writes:

> >Just letting all the Peakers around the world know that the 
> >Dr. Demento Radio Show will play "Give Peaks A Chance" on this weeks 
> >show and next.

> >Please listen and support the show!!!!!  We can still save this thing!
> >Also...listen for how to request the song....we want it played over and
> >over!!!!!!!!!

> >:)

> >The song is performed by DJ Glazed Donut and the Knotted Cherry Stems...that's 
> >our psuedonym...

Here in Santa Barbara, we get the network show a week early.  Dr. D played
the song and even made it his pick of the week.  That means you can hear
it on the Hot Line the week of May 5.  That's 1-900-773-7333, if you
haven't heard it enough to already know.  He states the cost of the call.
Great song, great idea!

Save Twin Peaks!

-Jennifer Mosley