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Subject: Re: More Miss TP Conjectures
From: (Barb Miller)
Date: 1991-05-02, 20:37

In article <47875365400018A4@UMAECS> (Rocky Giovinazzo) writes:

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Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More Miss TP conjectures
>> > >This leads me to suspect that she [Lana] is
>> > >somehow aware of WE's intentions towards Miss TP and intends to thwart him,
>> > >perhaps using her special power to cloud men's minds, as it were.  Don't forget
> >   Come on... I know that one of the themes of the show is "things
> >   are not what they seem," but could Lana really be hiding such intellectual
> >   capacity?  Remember her lines at the wine tasting party?  "By smellin'"
> >   and "Banana."

> >   Rocky Giovinazzo

There's a difference between "intellectual capacity" and "special
powers".  In terms of sheer intellectual capacity, WE probably has
everyone in the show beaten.  So his weakness is likely to be
somewhere else, and, if nothing else, Lana knows how to find and play
up to a man's weakness.  I suspect she's very good at figuring out how
to say what a particular man wants to hear and give him the illusion
that he knows more than she does, or alternatively, that she is the
lovely, needy creature that he fantasizes that she is, and that she
will love him forever if he gives her what she says she wants.  I
suspect she's also very good at zooming in on the man she perceives to
be in power in a given situation and focusing all her efforts on him.

In addition to this focused power, she appears to give off a general,
diffuse aura of powerful sexuality that makes its presence felt on all
the men in the area.  It remains to be seen how this would affect WE
should the two come into contact with each other.  He seems like a
particularly cold, hard man, unlikely to be affected by even such a
powerful sexual lure, but you never know.  Lana's marks thus far have
been pretty easy.  I doubt that she's really shown us her full powers
yet.  I've been mulling over that Yeats poem in another thread all
day; it occurs to me that a Lana-Windom Earle conjunction could be the
Mars-Venus meeting alluded to in the poem.

Frankly, I'm not that fond of Lana myself; she seems a little too
obvious to me (unless she's hiding something other than what she seems
to be hiding).  I'm more intrigued by Catherine and Josie as examples
of duplicitous women.