Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Recurring Fans and Record Players Explained (SPOILER)
From: bradn@tekig3.PEN.TEK.COM (Bradford H Needham)
Date: 1991-05-02, 22:24
Reply-to: bradn@tekig3.PEN.TEK.COM ()

One of the recurring symbols in Twin Peaks has been rotating fans and record
players.  Now that Windom Earle is interested in celestial clockwork, I can
see an explanation of all the rotating stuff:

Each one is a reference to the celestial clockwork of Jupiter and Saturn:
the rotating fan, the 'ticking' record player Leland loved so, the 'ticking'
fan in Donna's attic.  Each one says that the time of the black lodge
is returning.

Here's a question for all those folks with photographic memories (or VCR's):
do the clock symbols (e.g., the fans) all run clockwise, or are some
running counter-clockwise?  Is there a relationship between the
counterclockwise clock symbols and the events in the scene running backward?

Brad Needham