Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks - The Ultimate Remix
From: larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger)
Date: 1991-05-02, 13:33

As promised, here's the info on the third known 12" single, featuring
Twin Peaks music/themes.

It's called "Twin Peaks The Ultimate Remix", with two other tag lines on
the cover:  "Original remixes taken from the soundtrack", and "Included the
spoken version by the killer of Laura Palmer" (sic).

The flip side of the cover tells us that it was Arranged by Nicolosi -
Lombardoni, Concepted (sic) by Severo Lombardoni, and Produced by Lombardoni -
Nicolosi.  It is on the "DiscoMagic" label, is copyright 1991, and was made
in Italy.  There are telephone, fax, and telex numbers for DiscoMagic in
Italy; if anyone wants them, email me.

Side 1:
1) Twin Peaks.  6'05"  (D. Linch (sic) - A. Badalamenti)
   Club Mix
2) Twin Peaks.  0'50"  (               "               )

Side 2:
1) Twin Peaks.  4'30"  (               "               )
   The Story
2) Twin Peaks.  2'30"  (               "               )

As I mentioned previously, the primary voice elements are spoken (by a male
voice), saying, "I know who the marderer (sic) is...", and at a couple of
climactic moments, "The marderer's (sic) name is...", and something to the
effect of, "Laura Palmer kept a secret diary, where she recorded her most
private thoughts.  The initials of the marderer (sic) are on that diary."

It's not *that* great or anything, but it is a hoot.  The record store that
got it in for me (I had them seeking out the Twin Freaks and One Eyed Jacks
singles mentioned on previously) had played it a fair number of times,
and everyone seemed to like it :-}  Oh yeah, for folks in the San Francisco
Bay Area, the store that got this in (and acted like they could get more) is
Underground Records in San Jose (on south 1st St. at San Salvador).

I wish Twin Peaks would happen again...
-- "You wouldn't recognize a *subtle plan* if it painted itself purple, and danced naked upon a harpsichord, singing, 'Subtle Plans are Here Again'." - Edmund Blackadder