Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: What the .... . .-.. .-..?
From: (Particle Man)
Date: 1991-05-02, 07:15

Okay guys.  Everyone remember the Morse code behind Lucy's voice during the
closing credits of the 4/18 episode?  Good.  Could you decipher them?  Me
neither.  Thus I had a friend of mine who is a ham radio operator take a
listen.  His conclusion: the Morse technique stinks.  He said it was very
difficult to distinguish the dots from the dashes, and to determine the gaps
between letters.  Super.  I managed to convince him that the first three
letters are E,N, and D, but I couldn't figure out the rest.  The best he came
up with is:

E N D S I E O S S E U L E I.

Not particularly enlightening, is it?

Has anybody out there figured out more of the code?

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