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Subject: Re: 4/18 and Josie? (SPOILER)
From: (Eugene Kushnirsky)
Date: 1991-05-03, 12:55

In article <> coufal@owl (David Ernest Coufal) writes:
> >In article <>  
> > writes:
>> >> 
>> >> I may have missed it, but where did Josie make an appearance
>> >> in the 4/18 episode (other than in the credits)?
>> >> 
>> >> Doug-pas
> >
> >She didn't. The names of the starring actors appear regardless of
> >their appearence in the actual episode. The only actor that has
> >been taken off the credits is Ray Wise, presumably because he
> >actually quit the show; never to reappear.


Josie will be back, although Joan Chen will not.

This comes from a friend who knows the young lady who will play "Josie's lower
body" on the last episode. Joan Chen no longer has a contract with TP.

Now if you recall, almost exactly a year ago I posted a "spoiler" about the
identity of the mysterious Asian gentleman that Joan Chen revealed in the
Philadelphia Inquirer. That ultimately turned out to be false, though whether
because of changing scripts or deliberate misdirection is unclear. Anyway, you
know my track record with Joan Chen rumors. But there it is. Apologies if 
someone has already posted this, as I have been away from this group for some
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