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Subject: Re: Shelly Johnson
From: coufal@owl (David Ernest Coufal)
Date: 1991-05-03, 12:01

In article <> (Kevin Hartmann) writes:
> > In article <> (Kevin Hartmann) writes:
>> > >Could someone please mail to me the phonetic spelling 
>> > >of the name of the actress who plays Shelly Johnson?
>> > >
> > 
> > Oh yah.  And what was the name of the movie that she played in 
> > that just aired on network television (~2 weeks ago)?  
> > The movie was set in the '50s and she played an "experienced"
> > high school girl.  
> > 
> > Kevin

Rod has already posted the correct pronounciation. The name of the film
you are refering to is "For The Very First Time." Below is Amick's
entry in The Twin Peaks Lists (tm) [which I am now working on and will
post soon], containing all of her known roles.

)Amick, Madchen		BAYWATCH: [pilot]
)			Don't Tell Her It's Me (aka The Boyfriend School)
)				(1991)
)			For The Very First Time (TV) (1991)
)			I'm Dangerous Tonight (TV)
)			Jury Duty: The Comedy (TV)
)				(18 Feb 89)

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