Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: real life & TP
From: larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger)
Date: 1991-05-05, 17:52

Just a quick note of some crossovers between TP and real life...

Was dining in an otherwise very pleasant little cafe yesterday, which had
some fairly obnoxious easy listening music in the background.  Don't
remember any other tunes that come on, except "Do You Know the Way to
San Jose", and "Falling".  Hee hee!  Somehow I think Lynch would like the
idea of the show's music creeping into such totally glazed-over, non-commital
music sources!

And then I took a quiet, perverse delight when the guy in the futon store
told me that the frame I was interested in was made of Douglas Fir.

Uh, no... TP isn't very important to me or anything.  So what if it's going
away.  I can cope.  8~}
-- "You wouldn't recognize a *subtle plan* if it painted itself purple, and danced naked upon a harpsichord, singing, 'Subtle Plans are Here Again'." - Edmund Blackadder