Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: No - Norway!!(Was Re: Will Sweden be first to know the secret?)
From: (Roar Larsen)
Date: 1991-05-06, 23:43
Newsgroups: (Daniel Jnsson) writes:
> > All the time the amount of episodes of the 2nd season has
> > been claimed to be 22, running once a week (Mondays) we should now
> > have only four remaining:
> > 
> >    2019   May 13th
> >    2020   May 20th
> >    2021   May 27th
> >    2022   June 3rd 
> > 
> > There you have it!
> > They haven't said anything about any changes on the national
> > broadcasting company, so I assume that this time table is still the
> > one that is going to be followed!

Eat your hearts out, Swedes!! We Norwegians are three days ahead of you!

(Btw - I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is a sudden change in the 
schedule - I find it hard to believe that we will finish the series ahead 
of its originating country! I'm not even sure I would _want_ that to 
happen, because it would indicate that the last two episodes are "nothing 
special" - i.e. just ordinary episodes produced before the apparent 
cancellation decision, and without any attempts to "wrap it all up" :-( )

Roar Larsen,
Trondheim, Norway