Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: More Miss TP Conjectures
From: ( (Aug 24 1990) Mark Bouthillier)
Date: 1991-05-06, 14:54

>>> >> >From:
>>> >> >somehow aware of WE's intentions towards Miss TP and intends to thwart him,
>>> >> >perhaps using her special power to cloud men's minds, as it were.  Don't forget
>> >>   Come on... I know that one of the themes of the show is "things
>> >>   are not what they seem," but could Lana really be hiding such intellectual
>> >>   capacity?  Remember her lines at the wine tasting party?  "By smellin'"
> >
> >There's a difference between "intellectual capacity" and "special
> >powers".  In terms of sheer intellectual capacity, WE probably has
 	What I meant was that it seems doubtful that Lana has the
"intellectual capacity" to be "somehow aware of WE..."

Rocky Giovinazzo