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Subject: Re: The Light that Failed
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-05-06, 22:52

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Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Light That Failed

> >4. The executives at ABC are idiots.   

> >If the quality of the early shows had been maintained, I think people would
> >have continued to watch.  ABC didn't help matters by moving the show around
> >and placing it on intermittent hiatus, either.  David Lynch is kind of a
> >quirky guy - his *movies* do not appeal to all tastes, and I think maybe
> >network TV is not the perfect medium for his talents.
	I like to think that #4 is the most significant 
factor here:  TP was not only moved around and put on hiatus at Christmas
and in February, but was also made part of an experiment ABC decided to 
conduct this year.  China Beach, Young Riders, & Twin Peaks were supposed
to stop Sat. night VCR viewers from renting tapes and start watching
ABC again.  So Twin Peaks was not only an experiment in television
itself but was being doubly tested by ABC.
	If you can remember the ads for this scheme of ABC's last fall,
network execs were at a meeting being yelled at by some head honcho
about how stupid this plan was.  It ended with something like, 
"Save our jobs.  Watch the Young Riders, China Beach, and Twin Peaks
on Saturdays."  I doubt it, but I sure hope these idiots DID lose their jobs.

Rocky Giovinazzo