Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: ny times article
Date: 1991-05-07, 20:24

In article <> (Fiona Oceanstar) writes:
> >On a more substantive note, what did y'all think of his notion that
> >TV series should become shorter--not run for so many seasons--in order
> >to maintain a higher aesthetic standard?  I must admit, the prospect of
> >"Twin Peaks" succumbing to what was called "the Norman Lear syndrome"--
> >endless spin-offs, endless attempts to milk more money from a dying cow,
> >is quite dismal.

My boss and I talked about this during the first season -- it
seems like the show could have maintained a higher quality level
overall if it had been shorter -- or if it had been spread out 
more, perhaps as a two-hour film every month or two.  That way Lynch
& Frost could have had a larger presence in all the episodes.

In some ways, I think actually revealing the identity of Laura's
murderer (WKLP) was a sop to the stereotypical TV viewer who 
actually cared who shot J.R. on _Dallas_.  William Grimes suggested
that a lot of people watch _Twin Peaks_ for the Lynchian touches
over the plot.  I'd certainly consider myself to be in that group.

> >I'll tell you what I really objected to, in that article.  It was the
> >strong statement that Peakheads are elitists--that our interest in the
> >series wanes in direct proportion to how many others are getting
> >involved, that if it's not "hip" to a small select in-crowd, then we,
> >like the avant-garde art scene in NYC, will decamp for unsullied
> >pastures.  Yuk.  Didn't y'all find that comment offensive?

I don't know.  While I wouldn't consider myself to be an "elitist",
I'm still pretty disappointed when musical groups or literary movements
I'm interested in are suddenly "discovered" by the mass media and 
large numbers of people.  Maybe it's just me, but it often seems like
the quality goes down and many of the aspects that interested me
begin to be dropped in favor of a more general appeal.

Is it elitism to want something you've enjoyed to stay amazing,
even if a lot of other people hop on the bandwagon?

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