Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: ny times article
From: (Fiona Oceanstar)
Date: 1991-05-08, 13:37

Louie Louie writes:
> >There are probably a significant number of us who don't have access to
> >the ny times. I was wondering if there is some kind soul who could
> >post it on the net. thank you.

Ooops... I completely forgot to tell you: I did ask William Grimes that
if he interviewed me, he'd have to give me permission to type the thing
into  He said, "No problem."  However, I don't have
a copy of the dern article--I was up in New Joizy over the weekend, and
I left it up there.  So... if some long-suffering soul wants to

But actually, Louie, it's hard to imagine anyone who has access to
USENET, not having access to the _NYT_.  I'm sure there's a library in
La-La Land that subscribes.

							--Fiona O.