Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Questios... (sexual symbols)
From: (Jim Morton [ext 237])
Date: 1991-05-08, 19:50

>> > >Finally, is it just me, or is Twin Peaks laden with sexual inuendo?
> >  
>> > >("One-Eyed Jack's" could refer to a penis and not a card, "Twin Peaks" could 
>> > >be a female chest....  Knowing David Lynch likes his sexual metaphors (Blue 
>> > >Velvet, Wild at Heart), this could be true....)

isn't that exactly what One-Eyed-Jack meant in Wild at Heart? I don't
remember the exact line now, but when I watched WAH I felt like a part
of TP had suddenly been explained to me...can someone with WAH on tape
transcribe the exact line??
Jim Morton, Applix Inc., Westboro, MA