Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: It's in the water!
From: (alex gabis)
Date: 1991-05-09, 11:49

Close focus on a dripping coffee cup, from which Coop has just drunk;
foreboding music and camera shot as he and Annie kiss.
Remember Jones wiping something on Truman's lips?  Didn't she kiss
him as well?  Remember the Giant frantically warning Coop about
something just as he's about to kiss Annie?   Coop has remarked that
he is finding it hard to focus on work.  Is it only because of
this infatuation with Annie, or is something else affecting him?
What about all those shots of the falls?  And now everyone in town
has shaking hands.

Here's the explanation:

Coop and everyone else in Twin Peaks are being drugged.

Whatever was in Jones' vial was also on her lips, and on Annie's,
and in the town drinking water.

Has this theory been explored?

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