Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: video tapes -- major request
From: (Chuck Kincaid)
Date: 1991-05-09, 07:51

Hello gang,
	It's a long wait until June 10th isn't it?  It better be worth
it.  :-)  In the absence I have taken to incorporating a little lynchian
atmosphere into other people's lives.  For example, I'll walk into a 
grocery store and bounce a tennis ball for 15-30 minutes and then leave.
Carry on conversations with myself over a long period of time.  I.e.
walk into the secretaries office (she's great to baffle) make a comment
to myself, answer and then leave.  Later I'll come back in and say 
another couple of lines, etc.  Like Calvin says, I like to put a little
surrealism into people's lives.  :-)

	But seriously,  I have a dilemna.  We received a VCR for
Christmas from my mother-in-law.  So I have all of the shows taped
after that but NONE before!  I would trade my mother-in-law for a
copy of all the shows in 1990.  Is there a very kind soul in Florida,
close to Gainesville preferably, who is willing to work out a deal
with me?  If you don't need a mother-in-law, I do have two kids.  I 
might be willing to part with one for good quality copies.  :-) 
(only half a smile after last night!  :-)  
	Please e-mail me at  I would GREATLY
appreciate it.


charles d. kincaid