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Subject: Re: ABC Did Not Kill Twin Peaks
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-05-14, 11:00

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			Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: ABC did not kill Twin Peaks

> >I wish people would wise up and stop complaining about ABC "killing"
> >Twin Peaks.  Twin Peaks did very well in its very first show, which was
> >heavily advertised and promoted, but started slipping immediately after
> >it started its regular run, in the Thursday at 10PM time slot.
	Even so, it finished 20th last year-- that's pretty good-- giving
ABC little reason to move it to Saturday nights, the well-known
graveyard of ABC television.

> >  Now,
> >granted, putting it on Saturdays at 10 really hurt it, but it was not a
> >stellar performer even in a perfectly good time slot -- I know many
> >people who missed one show in the first season, and could just not catch
> >up again afterwards.  In the second season, ABC tried to capture a new
> >audience Saturday nights by putting some of their shows with the best
> >artistic potential on Saturday nights -- China Beach, Twin Peaks -- but
> >that idea failed.  They weren't trying to kill shows off, they just
> >tried something that didn't work.
	I don't think that ABC was *trying* to kill the show with the
Saturday deal, but you have to admit that it was very stupid of ABC
to put Twin Peaks into this let's-get-VCR-tape-rental-people-to-start-
watch-ABC-on-Saturday-nights experiment.  Twin Peaks itself was an  
experiment in television and should not have been subjected to this
additional experiment (sort of a double curse against the show's ratings).
	The problem is that ABC should have pampered Twin Peaks or at
least given it treatment equal to that of any other show.  No other
show on ABC was moved like this (except maybe Baby Talk I think) and taken 
off the air so many times (once in Oct., 6 times around Christmas, again in 
Feb., and also in April/May-- I think this is right).

> >	Missing shows around Christmas was again a
> >result of the serial nature of Twin Peaks, not because ABC didn't like
> >the show; you can't go back and fill in with some of the best shows if
> >each show depends on the previous.  
	Are you saying that the "hiatus" around Christmas was because
new shows weren't ready to be aired?  I don't think that this is the case,
but if it were, re-runs could certainly have been aired instead of
Ghostbusters.  If anything, audiences could be better maintained by 
showing re-runs than by waiting 6 weeks to show a new episode.

Rocky Giovinazzo