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Subject: Re: Cooper's Most Recent Vision
From: (Frederick J. Igo)
Date: 1991-05-15, 07:00

In article <>, coufal@kanga
(David Ernest Coufal) writes:
> > In article <> (C. D.  
> > Tavares) writes: 
>> > > The unfortunate part of the whole petroglyph/map idea is that there is
>> > > no good source of a map of Twin Peaks (assuming the layout of Twin
>> > > Peaks is NOT identical to the layout of Snoqualmie; and even if it is,
>> > > we still have no good sense of the location of things like Owl Cave,
>> > > the summer house of Leland's youth, or the cabins of the Log Lady or
>> > > Jacques Renault...
> > 
> > The Twin Peaks Access Guide will be available _real_ soon in your
> > local bookstore, if it isn't there already. This should have an
> > excellent map of the TP area.
> > 

I found _Welcome to Twin Peaks, Access Guide to the Town_ in a bookstore
in Acton Mass (Lauriats Books) last weekend.  Included are three maps.  
The first, inside the front cover shows all the downtown streets, including 
Lynch Road and Frost Avenue.  The second map, on the the back cover, shows 
Twin Peaks and the surrounding geography, including Pearl Lakes, Owl Cave, 
and Unguin's Field Observatory (UFO).  The third map, inside the back cover, 
shows the northwest corner of the US, from Seattle to Missoula, and from 
Calgary to Portland.  (Twin Peaks is indeed in the upper right corner of 
Washington state.)

Also recreated is the petroglyph from Owl Cave.  The petroglyph definitely
seems to match the map of Twin Peaks and its surrounding geography.  Black
Lake, the Columbia River, White Tail Falls, Pearl Lakes, and the 'Twin Peaks', 
all seem to match up. 

BTW, the population on the Twin Peaks sign is clarified:  "The 1990 census 
revealed our present population is 5,120.1, NOT 51,201."  (A number of people
must have died in 1989:-)   Also, Cooper's middle name is Bartholomew.  

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