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Subject: Re: Gordon Cole == Origins
From: (Bob Ingria)
Date: 1991-05-15, 09:36
Reply-to: ingria@BBN.COM

In article <1991May14.075413.5238@panix.uucp> dfl@panix.uucp (Danny Lieberman) writes:

   (sunday) I saw Wilder's Sunset Boulevard for the first time, one of the
   openers of the Billy Wilder festival at the Film Forum.  Wilder named an
   off camera character "Gordon Cole", a worker at Paramount studios under
   Cecil B Demille...

And, of course there's always Blackie's expropriation of the closing
line of the ``Sunset Boulevard'', when she and Jean are making the
video of Audrey drugged-out: ``She's ready for her closeup''.


``C'est une grande privilege que vous me faites, La Belle, une grande privilege.''