Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Welcome to the Monkey House
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1991-05-15, 23:30

In article <52802@apple.Apple.COM> larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger) writes:
> >Gee, when I mentioned the "All the King's Men" story by Kurt Vonnegut
> >appearing in a new production on Showtime, I didn't know the TP connection
> >would be quite so solid...
> >
> >Don Davis, our very own Major Briggs, plays a fairly principal role in that
> >story!  In fact, he plays a Major!  (The name was Vernon Sutherland, or
> >Vernor Sutherland, I think.)

I was going to post something about this but FIRST I checked to see if
someone else had got there first (hint hint hint, all you undergraduate
rocket scientists out there :-) and I saw Larry's article.  MONKEY HOUSE
played tonight -- spankingly well done, and the PEAKS connection is
downright creepy.  I think we would have to list Vonnegut as a primary
inspiration for the Windom Earle chess game idea, eh?  Adding Don Davis
in there was great.  I think Lynch and Frost missed a trick here: Davis
would have made a much more sensible and impressive "chess pro" than
Pete Martell -- not to mention that it would've given us more exposure
to him...

Do catch the Vonnegut if it comes around again.  Reminiscent of the
better old TWILIGHT ZONEs.