Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: I Had A Dream
From: (lawrence.h.cohen)
Date: 1991-05-16, 03:56

This article is a little dated (by a few weeks) but I have
been unable to post (aka put my 2 cents in) since the most
recent episode.  

I had a dream! Here is my potential prediction for the scenario
in the final 2 hour episode.

First some background:
The ring in the forest is neither the white lodge or the black lodge
but is a portal to get there.  I seem to remember (feel free to
correct me) that Bob and Leland supposedly met 40 years ago;  this is
also the approximate time when the last Saturn/Jupiter event occurred.
That suggests that Leland may have actually met Bob, when he was
"non-spirit".  Bob was drawn to the portal at this time to be
"sucked into" or "walk into" the portal, just as Wyndom Earle is
being drawn now.

I can forsee that the entities of the Black Lodge select an evil doer,
like Wyndom now or Bob 40 years ago, and bring them to the portal to
give them a stint in the spiritual world.  After Wyndom attempts (and
perhaps succeeds with) his evil deeds at the Miss Twin Peaks contest,
a chase will occur where Coop and Harry finally catch up to WE
at the portal in the forest.  They glare at eachother, and in a
moment of great understanding and clarity, WE runs over the portal.
We observe in the same slow motion that accentuates many of the
TP's most horrific moments, that Bob takes over the silhouette of WE
and "in stride" now appears on the other side of the portal.

WE now takes over as the malevolent entity status that Bob once held;
this opens up great possibilities for any future carnations of TP.
The now carporial Bob is caught by Coop and Harry 
and is arrested for various murders
and other acts of mischief.

Perhaps the White Lodge has similar mechanics to the Black Lodge in that it
also draws an individual that will become it's next version of
a benevolent entity.  The benevolent entity now would be the giant;
and the person that will be called to replace him will be Major Briggs.

I expect that Annie will be saved, and perhaps the unlikely winner
of the Miss Twin Peaks Contest will be the Log Lady.  After all,
who better exemplifies respect and reverence for the environment
than someone who lives by the motto, "Take a Tree to Lunch".

Larry Cohen


It is not nature we observe, but how nature responds to our questions.

There is more between heaven and earth than the mind can conceive.