Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Peaks Products
From: (Patrick Hoepfner)
Date: 1991-05-16, 14:46

shawn@Aardvark.PDX.COM (Shawn Allen) writes:

> >	Hello fellow peaks-freaks,

> >	I found an interesting product on the shelf the other
> >	day, Snoqualmie Pancakes.  A pancake mix that was made 
> >	famous at the Snoqualmie Lodge (aka The Great Northern)
> >	so it would seem that The Great Northern is known for 
> >	more than it's d*** good coffee.  

> >	This got me to wondering (and that is very dangerous) 
> >	if there are any other products out there in consumer-land
> >	that might be related to t-p ?  Has anybody else found anything
> >	that might be of interest to us t-p fans?

   The "Snoqualmie Pancakes" and other items (e.g. Snoqualmie Jam) are 
NOT related to t-p.  The lodge was known (under it's former ownership  
several years ago) as the place to go when you want to really eat a 
fantastic *large* breakfast.  It was what I thought of as something 
that was eaten on a farm.  Everything fresh and in ample supply. 

   I haven't been back to the Lodge since it changed hands (probably 
because I now live on the east coast).  It makes for a long commute! 

   I remember a story of a Texan who wanted to take the Snoqualmie Lodge
menu with him.  He wanted to show the people back in Texas that there  
was a breakfastthat even a Texan couldn't finish! (Might be just an old  
story tho...)  

   Maybe Lynch chose it for the Food...   What 'da think? 

-- Pat ------------------------------>