Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: a prayer for the dying
Date: 1991-05-17, 20:22

I'd simply like to take this opportunity to mourn the impending death of
the t_p newsgroup as well as the end of my favorite show.  Like all things,
I suppose, the best is just too good to be true...or at least too good to
merit high Nielsen ratinngs.  For the record, reading the information and
the speculation included in this newsgroup has been a welcome addition to
my year.  I can't say I'll miss you all, as I don't know you, but I will
certainly hold in high regard the individual who posted the chronology of
TP, the bad puns and the conjecture about the spelling of Windom Earle and
the motives of BOB.  Jesus, I feel like I'm signing a yearbook.  For the
record, I'd like to announce that I believe that Pete Martell will be the
next victim of BOB's "inhabitat" and that Dale will survive.  Like the 
rest of you (though your numbers are dwindling) I'll be watching with you
on 10 June.
With love,
Mark Laskowski