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Subject: Re: Cooper's Most Recent Vision
From: coufal@roo (David Ernest Coufal)
Date: 1991-05-17, 11:23

In article <> (Frederick J.  
Igo) writes: 
> > I found _Welcome to Twin Peaks, Access Guide to the Town_ in a bookstore
> > in Acton Mass (Lauriats Books) last weekend.  Included are three maps.  
> > The first, inside the front cover shows all the downtown streets, including 
> > Lynch Road and Frost Avenue.  The second map, on the the back cover, shows 
> > Twin Peaks and the surrounding geography, including Pearl Lakes, Owl Cave, 
> > and Unguin's Field Observatory (UFO).  The third map, inside the back cover, 
> > shows the northwest corner of the US, from Seattle to Missoula, and from 
> > Calgary to Portland.  (Twin Peaks is indeed in the upper right corner of 
> > Washington state.)

Did you notice that the described locations in the text of the book
are frequently incorrect? For example, in the book, the Road House
is described as being on Highway J, but in the map, it is located
between Main and Highway 21. Another mistake made was that, although
in the show, the Road House and the Book House are clearly shown
to be not 30 yards from each other, the map shows them to be quite
aways apart.

> > Also recreated is the petroglyph from Owl Cave.  The petroglyph definitely
> > seems to match the map of Twin Peaks and its surrounding geography.  Black
> > Lake, the Columbia River, White Tail Falls, Pearl Lakes, and the 'Twin 
> > Peaks', all seem to match up. 

So, where's the Black Lodge Gate? I noticed that there are several
small runes inside circles strewn all over the map, and one of them is
encased inside what appears to be flames. I haven't checked my tape yet,
but these runes bear a striking resemblance to the ones on the
mysterious black box that Jones gave Catherine.

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