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Subject: Access Guide to the Town & Owl Cave Drawing
From: (Fred Igo)
Date: 1991-05-20, 14:26

In article <>, coufal@roo
(David Ernest Coufal) writes:
> > Did you notice that the described locations in the text of the book
> > are frequently incorrect? For example, in the book, the Road House
> > is described as being on Highway J, but in the map, it is located
> > between Main and Highway 21. Another mistake made was that, although
> > in the show, the Road House and the Book House are clearly shown
> > to be not 30 yards from each other, the map shows them to be quite
> > aways apart.

I hadn't noticed those errors.  I did notice, on page 10, that the text
refers to County Road J, but I can only find Highway J in the maps.  
Should I assume they're the same road?  For the most part however, IMHO,
the authors have tied together a significant amount of information into
a surprisingly detailed, and funny, 'guide'. 

> > So, where's the Black Lodge Gate? I noticed that there are several
> > small runes inside circles strewn all over the map, and one of them is
> > encased inside what appears to be flames. I haven't checked my tape yet,
> > but these runes bear a striking resemblance to the ones on the
> > mysterious black box that Jones gave Catherine.

Off hand I didn't think the runes on the map matched the ones on 
Catherine's box.  Please check the your tape though, I'm not positive.
There are ten runes in the map, including the one inside the flames 
(which matches the symbol found at Owl Cave).  Could nine of these 
runes indicate the planets, and the one in flames the sun?  (I know 
that one rune looks like the symbol for Jupiter, but the others don't 
look familiar.)  Or, the big circle on the right indicates the sun 
and the rune in the flames indicates the Black Lodge.  This would 
point to the Great Northern or White Tail Falls.

BTW, where is the Miss Twin Peaks contest being held?  At the Roadhouse
or the GN?  I'm expecting some sort of confrontation between Cooper and
Earle at the contest.  Maybe the entrance to the Black Lodge will be 
the same place as the contest.  ("There's something wrong here.")

Another ideas:  The '|------.' symbols on the map point to something.  
Lines extended from these 'pointers' bisect four of the ten rones and
form a triangle.  Or, the positions of the 'planets' on the map define 
a date or time that the Gate opens.  Can anyone identify the other rones?

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