Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Bob as galactic demon: Did L/F cheese out?
From: (Rocky J Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-05-21, 18:25

In article (A Modem User) writes:
> >You know, I was just browsing a newspaper the other day, and a tiny little
> >blurb about Twin Peaks mentioned the possiblity that Leland Palmer, the
> >infamous Laura Palmer daddy/murderer, might not have been actually possessed
> >by a demon named Bob, but was just manifesting this apparition to explain
> >his cruel treatment of his daughter. The paper suggested that Bob was a man
> >who may have molested Leland as a child.
	It is fairly obvious that this is not the case.  We, the
audience, know that Ronnette saw BOB's body, i.e. via the Giant (one can
see him).  Mrs. Palmer and Cooper had visions of the same face of BOB at
different times.  We also know Maddy saw BOB's spirit and we know of
BOB through the independent source of Mike.  
        More evidence exists, too lengthy
to spend time identifying here. Unless there is some reason
that Twin Peaks residents, FBI agents, and visiting cousins of Twin
Peaks residents all use this BOB-image to visualize evil, one would have
to assume that BOB is real.

> >"possibly possessed" little boy, Nicky (whatever happened to THAT sub-plot?)
  	This ended when we learned of Nicky's past through Dr.
Hayward.  These little subplots that you mention were attempts at 
bringing in stories that could be "quickly" wrapped up in the new
season.  Apparently, L/F thought that short attention span viewers would
appreciate this sort of thing.

> >-- but if they had implemented a little Freudian psychology, you would have
> >had something REALLY interesting. 
	Do you really think so?  Freudian psychology is pretty cliche

> >But since they have spent so much time
> >on developing the whole alien thing, I guess it's too much to hope for that
	Read my fingers, there is _no_ "alien thing."  Stick a radio
telescope transmission in a TV series and everyone goes nuts-- what the

Rocky Giovinazzo